Ubisoft Lead Environment Artist in Belgrade, Serbia

The Lead Artist will collaborate in following up on the art team’s work, coach team members, and validate production outcomes while overseeing part of the development of the game.

*Role: *

• Manages the Art Team

• Develops and motivates the team

• Assures that the mandate is accomplished

*Responsibilities *

/1. Managing the Art team:/

• Estimate workload, suggest planning and set priorities for the art team;

• Conduct follow-ups on the advancement of the work of the team;

• Task distribution, based on people skills, development wishes and overall planning;

• Participate in the selection of team members (recruitment);

• Know the technical and artistic constraints so as to properly direct/coach the team.

/2. Developing and motivating the team:/

• Offer artistic support for the Art team;

• Know the technical and artistic constraints so as to properly direct/coach the team;

• Support career advancement and suggest development and interpersonal skills training and techniques sessions to team members;

• Create a work environment that is motivating for team members and which fosters development and creation.

/3. Assures that the mandate is accomplished:/

• Responsible of the performance management of his/her team members;

• Suggest corrective measures when necessary so as to meet set objectives;

• Assist in the production of graphic assets & level art according to the project’s needs;

• Know the game’s storyline and gameplay (game design documents) and adjust the work to reflect these elements;

• Guarantee the quality of the models and ensure that they are produced on time;

• Conduct and be responsible for the reviews on art.


• Previous experience as a Level Artist in the video game production (modeling /texture, level art / characters);

• Experience in team management.


• Good knowledge of specific tools (3Ds max, Zbrush, Photoshop, …);

• Knowledge of the technical constraints relating to 3D engines and level editors;

• Up to date with the latest technologies;

• Ability to work in a team, with good leadership skills;

• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

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