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AT&T Sr Tech Specialist - Methods & Procedures in Bengaluru, India

Applying for a Process Engineering role is a great opportunity to join Transformation Office for a subject matter expert, innovation leader or a senior individual with experience to drive process change and provide innovation guidance in the Global Operations and Services organization.

As a Process Engineer your main goal would be to either proactively define new processes or reactively work on innovation projects requested by our internal AT&T customers all with the goal to reduce manual touches / cycle time or to improve customer experience.

Roles and Responsibilities:

• Documents the current and the newly proposed processes while clearly demonstrating benefits and added value using Value Stream Mapping which will measure cycle time, depict waste in the process, systems used, function performed, time and motion along with data metrics.

• In direct contact with internal customer, provides innovation guidance mainly but not only related to process enhancements

• Be able to study present mode of operations processes and rationalize multiple processes which perform similar functions in an effort to make recommendations to re-engineer processes or ‘best practice process’.

• Works closely with software development team, Solution Architect and/or Solution Engineer to assess the project in the beginning phase – understanding the scope, impacted processes, assessing feasibility

• Assists Business Initiative Leads (customer representatives on the projects) with validating the scope of the project and with defining the business case with benefit and cost

• Proactively meets with Internal AT&T customers, i.e. subject matter experts or innovation leaders, demonstrating outside the box thinking and making new projects possible - Go to Gemba!

• As a part of an Agile team, makes sure that any new process change identified is well documented and communicated on professional level

• Depending on the project the responsibilities may include as well: define testing scenarios and/or acceptance criteria, create and maintain Desk Level Procedures, drive adoption of the innovation/process

Key Competencies and Skills:

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills

• Excellent planning and organizational skills

• Expert knowledge of process mapping and data visualization (Value Stream Mapping, BPMN, graphs, charts). Must be proficient using Visio, Power Point, Excel and JIRA.

• Basic understanding of Agile methodology

o Experience with Scrum, Product Owner role, defining user stories is a plus

• Basic understanding of principles of software development, platforms, web applications.

o Knowledge of databases, SQL, programming languages, concept of APIs is a plus

• Ability to handle difficult interactions with customer, work under a stress and set deadlines

• Proactive approach towards every day assignments, showing dedication and passion for innovation

• Team player and Out-of-the-box thinker

• Must be a Self- starter and be able to ‘lead’ process engineering efforts without micro-management.

• Must be able to work on multiple projects at the same time (multi-task)

Education and Qualifications:

Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Applied Science, Electrical Engineering or Math

Additional Information:

Computer Engineering / Computer Science /

Applied Science / Electrical Engineering / Math

Work Timings - 1pm - 10pm IST