Management Sciences for Health GRS Consultant in Dhaka, Bangladesh

DFID Bangladesh is supporting the 4th HPNSP, through the, 'Better Health in Bangladesh' Programme for a period of five years. It aims to increase utilization of quality health services, especially by women, children and the poor, delivered by efficient and sustainable health systems. A part of the budget of this Programme is allocated for provision of Technical Assistances (TA) to MOHFW, its divisions, directorates, wings, and particularly to the Line Directors (LD) of the 29 Operational Plans (OP) of 4th HPNSP. This TA arrangement managed by the Management Sciences for Health (MSH) will be implemented until mid- March, 2020 and is aimed at meeting the immediate needs in technical assistance of the 4th HPNSP. It will also make the space needed by DFID and other interested donors, to design and procure the planned larger longer term technical assistance. Management Sciences for Health (MSH) has the responsibility of providing TA in areas where it has demonstrated expertise, procuring TA in other priority areas and managing the fund. Options Ltd. is a key sub-partner of MSH and will contribute to timely implementation of good qua li ty TA assignments.

The MOHFW has formed a 'Technical Assistance Committee (TAC)" composed of MOHFW and Development Partner (DP) representatives and is led by the Joint Chief, Planning Wing, Health Services Divi sion (HSD), and supported by the Deputy Chief, Planning Branch, Medical Education and Family Welfare Division (ME&FWD). The TAC will help in harmonizing planned TAs provided by various agencies, prioritise TA requests and maintain the TA plan. It will review and assess the proposed ToRs and endorse these for procurement. It will also review the progress of TA procurement and implementation and help address any challenges in this regard. TAC will also help in wider dissemination of TA findings.

The Strategic Investment Plan for the 4'h HPNSP laid due importance and crystal clear deliverables towards building the Health Information System (HIS) in Bangladesh. The HIS will require sufficient use of ICT, which, with additional little resource, will also allow eHealth service improvement for efficiency gain and quality improvement of health service. On this backdrop, the Health Information System and eHealth (HIS-EH) OP was designed and included in the 4th HPNSP. Director, MIS under DGHS is responsible for implementing this OP. The OP principally address the measurement, evaluation and response issues of different programs of the SWAp so that their progress of implementation can be kept on track with a broader objective of making health, population and nutrition-related targets achieved, and of assessing, acting on and reporting country-progress on health-related SDGs.

Exciting and effective innovation has been added to the existing services line of MIS of DGHS (HIS-EH OP) of Bangladesh. Citizens are now taking part in ensuring accountability of the service providers in health system. One of such system is the Shaystho Batayan. The HIS-EH OP operates a 24/7 health call centre namely Shaystho Batayan which helps citizens to instantly get a doctor for health consultation free-of-charge, to call an ambulance from anywhere in the country, to seek any kind of health information, or to lodge complaints against any public or private healthcare provider just calling a phone number 16263. In addition to lodging complaints through Shaystho Batayan, patients and/or their relatives can also send grievances, through text messages, on each of about 800 specific hospitals and health managers' offices, where there are special display board's guidance on how to send the grievances. DGHS is also thinking about other IT-based user-friendly platforms for the service recipients to lodge complaint and express grievances. Along with DGHS, some of the other entities are also thinking of setting appropriate GRS in near future. To synchronise all these platforms and systems, there needs interoperability capability in the existing ones.

This particular TA has been proposed to review the existing IT structure and identify interoperability of these with those to be introduced in near future.

The objective of this TA is to support the planned activities under the Health Information System and e-Health (HIS-EH) Operational Plan (OP) under the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS). The purpose of this TA is to review the existing Grievances Redress Systems (GRS) and take steps to improve it.

The scope of work for the national consultant will include, but not limited to the following:

  • Review the existing digital Grievance Redressal System (GRS) of DGHS in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. This may entail assessing:

  • Shasthyo Batayan - the process for lodging citizens' complaints and grievances; the pathway for carrying the message from the complaint lodger to the relevant health office/ officer, their response and time taken to respond, recording the information; any analysis carried out as to the rate of response, and the type of response undertaken etc.

  • Complaints/suggestions through Short Message Service (SMS) - service recipients can lodge complaint, suggest for improvement and send other feedback through SMS using their mobile phone. In each of about BOO public hospitals, display boards, fixed to walls, describe how to send complaints or suggestions by SMS for improving service. Describe the mechanism for grievance redressal and or acting on suggestions. Where and how the information is stored, used and complaint lodger informed if at all on the steps undertaken by DGHS.

  • Identify any gaps or weaknesses in the current mechanism and or process/ pathway starting from lodging of a complaint to responding and informing the complainer, as appropriate. Comment on adequacy/ comprehensiveness of the system including inter­ operability of the Softwares, in reaching all the concerned offices/ units of the MoHFW as needed.

  • Review the existing User Guidelines for operating the system and provide recommendations for improving it and making it more user friendly;

  • Review the effectiveness of the mechanism in terms of reaching the senior MOHFW officials For appraisal;

  • Provide recommendations to resolve the Grievances Redressal system in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and gaining people's confidence in the system;

  • Develop a guideline for the recommended Grievances Redressal system

The consultant will devise his/her own methodology and finalise in discussion with the LD-HIS-EH, the processes mentioned below are indicative and not exhaustive list of suggestions for consideration.

  • Review of relevant literature associated with GRS in DGHS

  • Liaison with stakeholders from DGHS (including MIS-DGHS) and with including MIS-DGFP, DGNM, NIPORT, HSD and ME&FWD

  • Discuss with a sample of Users of the GR system and understand their expectations and or satisfaction with the

  • Any other methodology as required by the consultant

The consultant will be based in Dhaka with visits to different locations within and outside Dhaka during the entire execution period of the assignment, if required. The consultant will be expected to arrange his/her own logistics and transportation.


The national consultant will be responsible to provide the following deliverables, which may include but not limited to:

  • An Inception report detailing the methodology and work plan within along with a list of deliverables by the end of first week of signing contract;

  • A draft report on the status of the current GRS of DGHS including comments on the its comprehensiveness and inter-operability, efficiency and effectiveness in terms of achieving its purpose along with clear recommendations for improvement, by the end of 4 weeks of signing the contract.

  • Presenting the key findings to the major stakeholders (25-30 participants) and incorporating the comments and decisions to produce the final report, by the end of sixth week of signing the contract.

  • Produce and share final report

The national consultant will submit the deliverable/s to the Line Director-HIS-EH, with a copy to MSH and TAC. If the Line Director does not provide feedback on the deliverable within a month, then TAC may review the deliverable and provide feedback on its acceptance. The consultant will report to LD, HIS-eH and MSH/DFID, as and when required basis.

C: Delivery Schedule/Milestones

Deliverable or Milestone

Expected Date of Delivery or Completion

% of Paymnet for Per Deliverable

Inception report detailing the methodology and work plan within along with a list of deliverables

By the end of 1st week of signing contract


Draft report on the status of the current GRS of DGHS

By the end of 4th week of signing contract


Presenting the key findings to the major stakeholders and incorporating the comments and decisions to produce final report

By the end of 6th week of signing contract


Produce and share final report

The consultant(s) will be engaged for a period of six weeks, expected to starting from March – May 2019. During this period, the consultant is expected to put 25 person days (LOEs) of input (for which s/he will be compensated).

The consultant is expected to bring the following strength and competences:

  • Excellent academic background in medical science, public health, and any other relevant field including good understanding of the health sector of Bangladesh.

  • Experience in the areas of voice and accountability, citizens' rights and participation preferably in the health sector

  • Excellent understanding of the public health system of Bangladesh:

  • Excellent experience and understanding of Information Technology related areas.

  • Advanced training on development platform (, php, Java, Joomla, etc.) and database management platforms (Oracle, MYSQL, SQL server, ) is a must including adequate concept of big data management.

  • Demonstrable experience in providing designing and management services for any national or international IT-based GRS/complaint system

  • Proven documentation and presentation skills using English as base language

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Senior Technical Advisor-M&E

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Dept/Unit: TEGGEN - Technical Excellence Group

Project/Program: A583 - BHI Bangladesh

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