ASML Gas and Chemical Competency Engineer in Linkou, Taiwan

  1. Bulk Gas Yard Management.
  2. Bulk Gas Supply and Distribution System (N2, O2, He, Ar)
  3. Special Gas Supply and Distribution System.
  4. Clean Dry Air Supply and Distribution System (include XCDA)
  5. Process Vacuum Supply and Distribution System
  6. Gas System, CDA and Process Vacuum Reporting, Certification, Auditing
Job Mission
  1. Responsible to generate, maintain, update the operation, emergency response and recovery each of the respective systems.
  2. Responsible of the reliability of the respective systems.
  3. Responsible of the respective systems through its complete life cycle.
  4. Obtain and maintain the required certification.
  5. Functional owner of process utilities ((X)CDA, Special, vacuum and abatement) gas on ASML premises over entire lifecycle of installation
  6. Ensure compliance to the regulation.
  7. Responsible for system operation budget and assist on consolidation to RFF Budgeting.
Job Description
  1. Provide a stable source of gas for production use.
  2. Functional owner of hazardous and specific process gases on ASML premises over entire lifecycle of installation.
  3. Guarantee reporting for sustainability business operation.
  4. reduce safety risk
  5. Creating awareness and providing training programs for colleagues and external field engineers on gas.

Bachelor Eng. – Mechanical or Chemical Eng. or related field.


3 years of related working experience Familiar with the project Management , Office Software Suit Skill, Office Software Suit Skill and Gas cabinet techniques. Gas Operation Certification

Personal skills
  1. Technology driven
  2. Creative problem solving.
  3. Hands on and conceptual - In-depth analytical skills.
  4. Verbal and written in English.
  5. Good communication

Location: Linkou, Taiwan

Level: Bachelor

Experience: 2-5 Professional

Available since: 6/12/2018

Functional area: Facility Management, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

Background: Mechanics, Electronics, Mechatronics

Reference: req3233