Microsoft Corporation Channel Executive in Warsaw, Poland

Purpose: Deep understanding of the strategic priorities and account performance as it relates to the market to drive thought leadership and control the sales conversation. Leverage relationships to execute on ‘CDS Selling Motions’: Design In, Sell In, Sell Through) including: Influence the supply chain, Sell services, devices and attach, & Drive demand for devices and services as they are sold to end customers through channels (Sell Through)

Channel executive will be responsible for One of TOP 5 retail partner in Poland. Additionally this person will be also responsible for Disti managed accounts. Develop deep account relationships with our partners and create / execute mutually beneficial plans to drive partner success and Microsoft profit


Analysis & Insight

  • Understand the industry, market direction/trends and how are we positioned with the account relative to our competition

  • Invest time to gain deep business insight and analytics about the account – their addressable market, current and future strategy, their product and services portfolio, how they monetize with the end customer and measure that success, their competition and how that maps to Microsoft

  • Recognize activities/synergies that will influence longer-term relationship

Account Planning

  • Account Landscape - deep understanding of accounts business – use insights gained to create account strategy and translate to a quality account plan

  • Account Focus - identify key focus areas for execution

  • Account Goals - establish clear objectives and measureable goals

  • Account Strategy - strike appropriate balance between short-term and long-term objectives and detail key tactics to employ

  • Account Drivers - define 1-2 ‘Big Bets’

Relationship Management

  • Understand + evangelize Microsoft products/devices/services – package & present ‘The Pitch’

  • Develop & execute on account-specific value propositions that link the value of our products/devices/services with the accounts objectives

  • Create opportunities and manage co-marketing & programs to drive joint success

  • Think of relationship management as living process versus ‘a moment in time’ – aspires to ‘Trusted Advisor’ status

  • Map and understand the power base of individuals/teams at the account that will make/influence decisions with Microsoft

  • Conditions of Satisfaction (COS) - develop and actively review COS with the account and agree associated action plans

  • Elevate account’s visibility and relevance at Microsoft with crisp and insightful internal communications

  • Exploit the right opportunities with the right account on the right timelines

  • Account recognizes value and includes us in business planning cycles and quarterly business reviews

  • Anticipate competition and have an active plan

Foresight (Find another word)

  • Actively mine for future opportunities, assess risks, dissect and learn from key wins/losses

  • Longer-range strategic thinking and planning – develops 3-year account plan

  • Share account and marketplace level insights for Microsoft outcomes

  • Demonstrate responsiveness and creativity with the partner to shape the market, not just ride the market

Business Operational Excellence

  • Accountable for executing account plan to committed metrics - forecast accuracy, revenue attainment, scorecard, share & Customer and Partner Experience

  • Orchestrate internal rhythm of business (ROB) and scorecard

  • Follow-through on commitments


  • Lead cross-team collaboration to influence execution (within CCG + larger SMSG org and BGs)


  • 5 years plus selling experience in a retail environment

  • Managed key strategic partnerships with FTSE 100 retail business

  • Experience managing a business of $5m+ Management/virtual team experience

  • Negotiation at senior level

  • Building Exec relationships

  • Sales Strategy

  • Business alignment

  • Management competencies

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Excellent presentation skills

  • Strong numeracy and problem solving skills

  • Good interpersonal awareness

  • Education: Four Year college degree required